22nd October 2013

Tremor Video, Inc. Hires Christopher Klopp to Lead Enterprise Sales

Tremor Video, Inc. (NYSE: TRMR), a leading provider of technology-driven video advertising solutions, today announced that its VideoHub division has hired Christopher Klopp to lead its sales team efforts. Klopp will be an integral member of the VideoHub team and will further the platform’s focus on bringing both video analytics and sophisticated programmatic buying to the market. In this role, Klopp will lead overall sales growth, strategy and execution by building upon the existing sales team as well as creating new opportunities. He will be based in New York and report to Anthony Risicato, General Manager of VideoHub.
18th October 2013

MediaPost: Anthony Risicato on the Rise of Programmatic Media Buying

In the digital video realm, we've been drenched in the downpour of articles on price-driven programmatic or RTB buying. It, apparently, is THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. Buy cheap! Efficiency rules! Right? Well, no, not exactly. Why doesn't anyone talk about effectiveness and viewability?
2nd October 2013

Tremor Video’s New DSP Focused on Performance Metrics

"Tremor Video is aiming to layer performance-level goals into programmatic buying with the launch of its new DSP, VideoHub Connect," says Kelly McEttrick, VP Strategy at VideoHub during an interview with Beet.TV taped during Advertising Week at the OMMA summit. VideoHub Connect enables programmatic video buying.
23rd September 2013

Tremor Video Launches VideoHub Connect™ to Enable Programmatic Planning, Buying, Measurement and Optimization of Online Video Against Brand Goals

Tremor Video, Inc. announced today it has launched VideoHub Connect, a bidding and buying feature now available through its end-to-end video advertising platform, VideoHub for Advertisers (VHA).
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23rd September 2013

AdWeek: Tremor Launches VideoHub Connect, Its Own DSP

A few weeks after its IPO and even fewer weeks after announcing that it was switching to an all-in-stream, all the time model, Tremor Video is set to announce today that it will launch its own DSP, called VideoHub Connect...
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23rd September 2013

MediaPost: Tremors VideoHub Launches DSP for Online Video

Tremor Video today launched VideoHub Connect, a demand-side platform (DSP) available through VideoHub's advertising platform...
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23rd July 2013

VideoHub® Launches Full Suite of End-To-End Creative Offerings for Interactive Video

Platform Clients Can Now Create, Deliver and Measure Engaging Video Ads Across All Their Campaigns & Understand ROI
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22nd May 2013

The Success Engine for Video, Presentation from Omma Video

Watch VideoHub General Manager Anthony Risicato for this lean-forward look into how clients are leveraging VHA's transparency, simplicity, and decision-making tools to see what's working and why.

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21st May 2013

VideoHub Unit Gets Video “Viewability” Tool Certified by MRC

VideoHub General Manager, Anthony Risicato catches up with Andy Plesser at Beet.TV to discuss the importance of viewability and the recent accreditation by the Media Ratings Council.

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20th May 2013

VideoHub first to be granted MRC accreditation specifically for video viewability

MRC accredits VideoHub’s methodology for measuring if video ads are viewable on a screen, and for four other related metrics

New York, NY — May 20, 2013 — Tremor Video, Inc., today announced that its proprietary technology, VideoHub, has been granted accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for five metrics that help brand marketers, media agencies, and publishers measure the accuracy and effectiveness of digital video advertising. The five newly accredited VideoHub metrics are: Average Viewability Percentage; Engagement; Clicks; Served Digital Video Impressions; and Unique Cookies. VideoHub is the first ad-tech system to receive MRC accreditation specifically for digital video viewability.

MRC is an independent non-profit industry organization whose primary mission is to ensure valid, reliable, and effective audience-measurement services. MRC accreditation certifies that VideoHub’s procedures and accredited metrics adhere to the MRC’s Minimum Standards for Ratings Research and to applicable industry-accepted measurement guidelines issued by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

We are thrilled to be the first organization to be accredited by the MRC specifically for measuring video viewability, which is an essential metric for brand marketers, media agencies, and publishers,” said Anthony Risicato, general manager of  VideoHub. “Knowing if a video ad is actually viewable is a critical step to measuring campaign performance. Complement that with our accredited measurements for engagement, unique cookies, served digital video impressions, and clicks, and we are well on our way to providing a common baseline that marketers need for measuring the effectiveness and success of their video ad strategies and overall brand health.”

George W. Ivie, executive director and CEO of the MRC, stated, “We congratulate Tremor Video for earning accreditation of VideoHub’s Served Digital Video Impressions, Clicks, Unique Cookies, Engagement, and Average Viewability Percentage metrics.  As the industry moves closer to transacting on viewability-related measurements, accredited services such as VideoHub assume an even more important role in helping buyers and sellers understand campaign performance effectiveness.”

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1st May 2013

Data: The Digital Common Denominator

Greg Smith, GM of VideoHub Marketplace caught up with Search Engine Land to discuss the importance of measurement and data within the video space.

In April 2013, the IAB released a report that revealed double-digit growth for both search and display. Additionally, within digital, video was named the fastest-growing sector, reaching $2.3 billion. I spoke with three industry experts in display, search and video to gain deeper insights into how and why search, display and video will continue to show a positive curve.

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24th April 2013

Why start-ups should strive to turn innovation into investment

No one starts a start-up to stay a start-up, but the step between innovation and investment is the undoing of many promising emerging businesses, especially in the tech landscape. I've been in the business for 18 years, investing time (and more!) in up-and-coming businesses and I've seen start-ups make it big and many more fall by the wayside, and I've seen recurrent themes in both.

Problem solving is at the root of successful start-up businesses, but I think too many companies fail because they are solving the wrong problems - they expect the world to change everything it does for one new widget. The key to longevity is integration, slotting innovation in to existing workflows. It's called 'mental plasticity' - the ability to be flexible enough to know if you have to change to be what the market really needs.

For me, this means wrapping yourself around the clients' problems and that's how VideoHub's eQ™ system came about. We applied a system to an existing transaction - that between media buyer and publisher - and created a way to gauge value for brands. The eQ score looks at where a video ad is on the page, the size of a player and the length of time that someone watches, applying a score between 0-100 to help brands understand if consumers are seeing their marketing messages in a quality environment. We were responding to a genuine need for quality testing in the industry and filled a useful gap in the market.

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5th April 2013

Video at the upfront: Building the video everywhere vision

Watch VideoHub's Anthony Risicato at the MediaPost Video Insider Summit as he discusses the "table stakes" for video, viewability, and the brand new eQ score for advertisers and publishers.

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20th March 2013


Google and Intel join judging panel for the Media Accelerator Programme at The Festival of Media Global 2013

C Squared, the organiser of The Festival of Media, is calling on emerging media and technology companies to compete for the title, 'Hot Company of the Year' in the Media Accelerator Programme (MAP) at The Festival of Media Global 2013.

The scheme, run in partnership with DMR Partners puts emerging media talent and cutting-edge businesses in front of high profile figures and senior level decision makers from across the worlds of advertising, media and marketing. The companies that enter MAP will be assessed by a leading panel of global VCs and marketers at The Festival of Media Global, the only global event dedicated to the $500bn media industry and one that attracts an audience made up of 76% CEO/Director level delegates.

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27th February 2013

VideoHub announces new eQ score and deal with comscore at IAB interviewed Greg Smith, GM of VideoHub Marketplace, for an update on the launch of eQ Score and a deal with comScore who will be licensing viewability metrics from VideoHub.

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25th February 2013

comScore Deal with VideoHub Gives Marketers and Publishers Deeper Understanding of Digital Video Ad Viewability

comScore Integrates VideoHub Technology to Enhance Video Viewability in Digital Campaign Measurement

Phoenix, AZ, February 25, 2013 − VideoHub, the enterprise video-analytics division of Tremor Video, Inc., today announced a partnership with comScore at the Interactive Advertising Bureau Annual Leadership Meeting (taking place February 24-26 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix) that gives publishers, brand marketers and their agency partners an unprecedented understanding of how consumers watch video ads. Furthermore, the resulting integration allows comScore to scale its measurement of video viewability, streamline the existing workflow for campaigns, and introduce more detailed campaign reporting metrics.

VideoHub, established in 2011, is a technology platform enabling the media community to measure, verify and analyze the effectiveness of video ad campaigns. Through the partnership, comScore is integrating VideoHub's patent-pending technology that measures the viewability of video ads into vCE video, its video campaign measurement solution, and into vCE Multi-Platform, its multi-platform measurement solution of display, video and TV ad campaigns.

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25th February 2013

VideoHub Launches New Quality Score for Video Advertising

Patent-pending eQ™ score provides a baseline for marketers and publishers wanting to assess the value of video advertising

Phoenix and New York−February 25, 2013−VideoHub, the enterprise division of Tremor Video, Inc., today is launching a new quality score for video advertising during the Interactive Advertising Bureau Annual Leadership Meeting. The IAB ALM is taking place from February 24 to February 26 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix.

VideoHub's eQ score is a patent-pending formula to determine the potential of every impression in a video ad campaign to grab and keep people's attention. eQ is the first scoring method of its kind for video ad placements. No other measurement tool on the market for video advertising weighs the three criteria that eQ score does: viewability throughout an ad's duration, player size, and ad completion rate. eQ score provides a baseline for agencies and publishers to assess quality versus cost.

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25th February 2013

videohub introduces eq score, the first scoring method of its kind for video ad placements

Watch as Anthony Risicato describe the eQ score, its genesis, and how brands, agencies, and publishers all benefit.

For more information about eQ score, read the press release and download the informational documents below.

eQ Score Overview

eQ Score FAQs

14th February 2013

Self-Service Video Ad Models Explained

Watch Greg Smith, GM of VideoHub Marketplace Explain the Self Service Ad Market with VideoNuze at this year's NAPTE Conference

24th January 2013

Is video ready for rtb? Is RTB ready for video?

VideoHub's Anthony Risicato takes part in a spirited panel at OMMA RTB discussing the future of video and RTB.

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19th December 2012

Walker Media Adopts VideoHub Platform to Operate and Measure Video Ad Buys

Walker Is First U.K. Media Agency to Adopt U.S.-Based Digital Video Ad Platform

LONDON and NEW YORK, NY - (Marketwire - Dec 19, 2012) - London-based Walker Media, an offline and online media-planning and buying agency serving some of the U.K.'s most iconic brands, has agreed to license VideoHub for Advertisers to inform and optimize its media campaigns.

VideoHub -- a division of Tremor Video Inc. -- is a platform that media agencies use to buy, measure, verify and analyze video advertising campaigns. Walker Media will use the platform to operate all of its video ad buys and measure performance. While this marks the first U.K. media-agency deal for VideoHub, U.K. advertisers using Tremor Video to buy media have been benefiting from VideoHub analytics since the platform was launched last year.

VideoHub is the first video ad platform to have integrated Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings, which give media planners and buyers a consistent measurement metric for digital and traditional media. Nielsen launched OCR in the U.K. in October.

The incorporation of data from Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings into VideoHub marries the standard GRP metric used in TV advertising to online video performance. The collaboration gives advertisers a single metric for their gross reach -- the total number of people exposed to an ad -- and effective reach -- more granular insight into the quality of the ad exposure and performance across screens. Now, marketers can understand the factors directly driving performance against a given audience.

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13th November 2012

Digiday Video Conference: are you measuring what matters?

VideoHub is proud to sponsor the Digiday Video conference. Watch Anthony Risicato, GM of VideoHub discusses "Measuring what matters" with Digiday editor, Brian Morrissey.

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8th November 2012


Across VideoHub and our clients, many families are still dealing the pain and damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The community outreach and volunteer efforts across the country have been amazing, and the impact of the web, mobile technology and social communities have made a tremendous difference during the disaster.

VideoHub has complied a brief summary of the digital video activity and community actions that have taken place over the past few days. We at VideoHub find it very interesting to see and learn from the ways our community and individuals reacted and how our own business and client's businesses can evolve to better resonate and connect with communities.


Cheers, The VideoHub Team

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7th November 2012

Measure What Matters with VideoHub

What our latest video to learn about the Video Operating System for Brand Marketers, Publishers, and Agencies.

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4th October 2012

Advertising Week Experience Stage

Watch VideoHub's Anthony Risicato on the AWE Stage during Advertising Week.

VideoHub by advertisingweek
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1st October 2012

AWE Technology Live

Watch the AWE Technology Live stage from Advertising Week, moderated by Digitas CEO, Colin Kinsella. See VideoHub Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Mike Wong discuss the award winning VideoHub Platform for Brand, Agencies, and Publishers.

AWE Technology Live by advertisingweek
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19th September 2012

Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings Expands Footprint across 15 Online Ad Platforms

Nielsen, a global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, today announced an expansive business and thought leadership initiative with more than a dozen of the industry's leading online ad platforms. The Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings initiative is the first to align a number of top online ad platforms - key drivers in the online advertising ecosystem - behind Nielsen's online audience reach standard.

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27th June 2012


Watch Jason Burke, VP of Operations at VideoHub, discuss why analytics is essential for publishers in managing decision making around serving video advertising.

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25th June 2012

Latest VideoHub Report Finds 88% Of Online Video Ads Are Fully Viewable

Q1 2012 VideoHub Performance Replay Presents Findings on 3.5 Billion Video Views

NEW YORK, Jun 25, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- VideoHub Console Giving Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers Insight Into Brand Metrics and Viewability, As Well As Access to Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings.

20th May 2012


Online video is more measured than most other mediums, but it's not necessarily more transparent. Watch Kelly McEttrick, VideoHub's Sr. Director of Platform Strategy, during an interview with Beet.TV.

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17th May 2012


Watch Anthony Risicato, GM of VideoHub, at Omma Video at Internet Week describe why video marketing matters, and how to measure it.

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3rd May 2012

VideoHub Unveils Viewability Measurement Within Its Video Analytics Platform

“Player Position” and “Player Size” Signals Enhance Transparency, Show Advertisers and Publishers When Ads Are Within Consumers’ View

NEW YORK – (BUSINESS WIRE) – VideoHub, the first end-to-end analytics and monetization platform built for video, today unveiled video ad verification signals that give advertisers insight into the viewability of their ads, including where they appear on the page, the size of the player, and the impact on the viewer experience. The new “Player Position” and “Player Size” signals are the first measurement features that offer advertisers and publishers full transparency into video ad position and size for video campaigns running across ad networks, direct publishers and video exchanges.

17th April 2012


Watch VideoHub's winning presentation at the Festival of Media 2012, where VideoHub was awarded "Hot Company of the Year."

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26th March 2012


When properly used, online video analytic tools can help advertisers find and reach audiences for their products they might not have known about before. That was one of the key insights shared by Anthony Risicato, GM of Tremor Video's VideoHub unit, in this session from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat in Vieques.

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23rd March 2012

Online Video Inventory Management Should be More TV-Like

Online video faces a challenge in scarcity of quality inventory for ads, but that can be turned into an advantage by borrowing a page from TV's playbook, according to Anthony Risicato, GM of VideoHub, in his interview with Beet.TV.

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16th March 2012

Australian VOLT Media Signs Exclusive Pre-roll Video Partnership with VideoHub Marketplace, a Division of Tremor Video

NEW YORK, Mar 13, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Premium video advertising network, VOLT Media has secured an exclusive pre-roll video inventory partnership with the market-leading video advertising platform VideoHub, a division of Tremor Video. The deal provides VOLT Media with exclusive access to VideoHub’s entire Australian pre-roll video inventory.

7th March 2012


The biggest challenge in online video advertising is proving the "effectiveness of the buy" to the brand marketer, says Anthony Risicato, General Manager of VideoHub, in this interview with Beet.TV.

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24th February 2012

VeNA Secures Exclusive Asia Pacific License for VideoHub Technology Platform

NEW YORK – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Premium video and entertainment advertising network VeNA has secured an exclusive Asia Pacific license from VideoHub, a division of Tremor Video. The partnership will connect the VeNA premium pre-roll inventory business with VideoHub for Advertiser’s world-class brand video analytics and brand safety technology.

15th February 2012

You Should Know Better

If you're buying video, you should know better. Now you can.

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7th December 2011

VideoHub and Nielsen Alliance Integrates Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings Into Video Advertising Platform

• Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings delivers GRPs allowing advertisers to measure video buys like TV and evaluate effectiveness using VideoHub's brand performance capabilities
• VideoHub is the first online video advertising platform to fully integrate Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings
• Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings GRP reports are now available to all advertisers on VideoHub platform

7th December 2011


This partnership marks the first time Nielsen's GRPs will be woven into a video ad platform, allowing the two companies to tie the familiar GRP metrics to online video performance. This gives marketers a measurement of reach and frequency across the mediums, as described by Anthony Risicato, GM of VideoHub, in this interview with Beet.TV.

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3rd October 2011

Tremor Video Completes VideoHub Platform, Launching Comprehensive Brand Marketing Suite For Video Advertising

Cross Network Measurement and Analytics System Now Available To All Advertisers and Agencies

Self Serve VideoHub Marketplace Enables Early Stage Video Advertisers To Buy In-stream Video With Ease

VideoHub, a division of Tremor Video, today made its full platform of video brand marketing tools and real-time analytics available to all marketers and agencies. With the launch of VideoHub for Advertisers and VideoHub Marketplace, Tremor Video now offers a comprehensive advertising platform that enables brand marketers and agencies to measure, track, report and deliver on the signals driving the performance of their video campaigns.

3rd October 2011

Exclusive: Tremor Video’s “VideoHub” Analytics Platform Now Available for 3rd Party Use

Tremor Video is announcing later this morning that its VideoHub in-stream video ad analytics platform is now available for brands and agencies to license for use with any 3rd party ad server, ad network or publisher. Tremor unveiled Video Hub in May and since then over 200 brands and agencies have used it with Tremor’s own ad server on its ad network as the company finished up development. Anthony Risicato, Tremor’s GM for VideoHub told me last week that reactions from these early users have been positive and they’ve been eager to expand their use of VideoHub to also track and measure the effectiveness of non-Tremor elements of their video ad campaigns.

15th September 2011

Tremor Video Unveils Monthly Video Hub Stream Reports

Reveals Industry Insights Gathered From More Than 1 Billion Video Streams

Tremor Video, the largest independent online video technology company, today unveiled its first monthly Video Stream Report, a snapshot of the video advertising market gathered from performance data of more than 1 billion video streams across Tremor Video’s network for the month of July.

23rd May 2011

Tremor Media Launches “VideoHub” Console, Gives Marketers Deep Insight into Why Campaigns Perform

Video Tech Company Enables Marketers and Agencies to Deliver Advertising Based On What is Driving Brand Performance in Real-time

Dozens of Advertisers to Use Console at Launch

Tremor Media, the largest independent online video technology company, today announced the launch of VideoHub, a comprehensive advertising console that helps marketers measure, track, report and deliver on the signals actually driving performance of their video campaigns.

23rd May 2011

Video Ad Network Tremor Media Launches Analytics Platform For Marketers

Tremor Media, one of the largest video ad networks on the web, is launching a new product today to give marketers more insight into how video ad campaigns are performing. The Tremor Video Hub is an advertising console that helps marketers measure, track, and report what’s driving performance of their video campaigns.

1st March 2011

Tremor Media Names Anthony Risicato General Manager, Video Platforms

Interactive Media Veteran Increases Value of Platform Offering to Both Buyers and Sellers

Tremor Media, the largest independent online video advertising company, announced today that Anthony Risicato has been named General Manager, Video Platforms. Risicato will manage Tremor Media’s marketing platform that provides the insights and analytics that increasingly are establishing the criteria for brands’ marketing success in video advertising. Risicato also will focus on increasing market penetration for Tremor Media’s existing and developing solutions, including Acudeo®, the video monetization platform that lies at the core of publisher advertising solutions and powers advanced video ad formats for thousands of leading digital publishers.

1st March 2011

Tremor Media Launching Video Ad Buying Platform

Tremor Media is launching a video ad buying platform, in a bid to streamline how Fortune 1000 brands can capitalize on the explosion of online video. The move is Tremor’s latest expansion, following the recent acquisitions of ScanScout and mobile video ad network Transpera. To manage the video ad buying platform, Tremor has hired Anthony Risicato, formerly CEO of mobile marketing company Mobile Commons, with previous experience at Covario, Innovation Interactive (where he led development of its platform that has facilitated billions of dollars of search advertising buys) and DoubleClick. Anthony shared some of the background of Tremor’s move with me last week.

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